Harbour Trustees Limited provides the incorporation and administration of companies in a variety of offshore and onshore jurisdictions as required by our clients’ individual requirements and circumstances.

We can provide the necessary directors and company administration services to ensure that a company is maintained in good standing and undertakes its chosen function effectively and efficiently.

Popular reasons for using offshore companies include:

  • To provide confidentiality – assets are transferred from an individual’s name into the company name.
  • To take advantage of tax treaties.
  • To protect assets from political or fiscal uncertainty – especially important if an individual is moving to a high tax jurisdiction.
  • To consolidate asset ownership.
  • A company remains in existence when the owner dies - thus potentially avoiding probate issues.
  • Eventual sale of the shares in the company, rather than the sale of the underlying assets, may result in some savings. In these circumstances the underlying assets do not have to be re-registered as they continue to be owned by the company. It is the ownership of the company that changes.

Harbour Trustees Limited can establish and administer all the different types of Guernsey companies available, including those limited by shares or guarantee, protected cell companies and incorporated cell companies and can also provide private trust companies and managed trust companies.

We always welcome the opportunity to discuss with potential clients and their advisors how we can assist, please just contact us to do so.