Managed Trust Companies

There are several reasons for the owner of a trust company to ask us to administer it on their behalf. These may include the economies of scale and specialist expertise we can provide in terms of administration and compliance support.

Harbour Trustees Limited is privately owned and its independence, together with the fact that it does not itself offer legal, taxation or investment advice means that it can provide Managed Trust Company services without a conflict of interest.

Consent of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission is required in respect of Managed Trust Company services.

The Managed Trust Company can have its own dedicated telephone and email contact details. It would have no employees but would use the services of the staff of Harbour Trustees Limited, who should also provide a majority of members of the Board of Directors.

The reasons for having Harbour Trustees Limited manage a separate trust company will vary with circumstances, but in all cases we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the potential advantages, please just contact us to do so.