Intellectual Property Services

The Harbour Group provide intellectual property services through Harbour Intellectual Property Limited. The Guernsey Image Rights Register is the world’s first and its use has generated considerable interest from potential users and their advisors. In essence the image of a person, whether a natural person, legal person or fictional character, will be able to be registered in Guernsey.

We see the ability to register Image Rights in Guernsey as a unique product in global wealth planning for both individuals and corporates. This will be of interest to celebrities whether actors, musicians, TV presenters, sportsmen or politicians and the rights owners to fictional characters, even those that may appear in films and computer games. The use of such images is subject to very restrictive defences and we expect these new rights to have significant impact upon internet publication of photographs of personalities protected by these rights on Guernsey.

For this purpose Harbour Intellectual Property Limited has appointed Mark Engelman as a director. Mark is a specialist intellectual property barrister from the London bar who is listed as an expert in his field and who has orchestrated the intellectual property portfolios of numerous global companies. We provide a service to register Image Rights in Guernsey and advise clients and their agents on the best structuring of those rights. We work with a wide variety of lawyers and tax advisers who can provide such specialist advice.

Sally Wilkinson is the registered Image Rights Agent with the Guernsey Registry.

In addition to Image Rights, Harbour Intellectual Property Limited will also be able to register Trade Marks, Patents and Design Rights in Guernsey.

Sally Wilkinson and Andy Higgs are registered Trade Mark Agents with the Guernsey Registry.

We always welcome the opportunity to discuss with potential clients and their advisors how we can assist, please just contact us to do so.